Alchemy is a complicated subject to discuss, but never fear, there will be quite a bit of good content on this subject.  Alchemy fathered chemistry and the physical sciences that exist in our world today. Sometimes the goal of alchemy is interpreted in another way, as the transformation of man into a spiritual being.  It took us a long time to study this subject.  Some people avoid this because they believe alchemical work in the physical body is damaging to the body because it takes man-made substances to break down the minerals (making it an unnatural process) - similar to why some people do not like to take prescription drugs.  However, an extensive study on the subject will allow you to make your own decision.   Medical Disclaimer

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Zoomancy A system of divination based on the appearances and behavior of animals.


Zoaphite According to the seventeenth-century traveler Jan Struys, a zoaphite was a species of cucumber that fed on neighboring plants. Its fruit had the form of a...


Zabulon This is the name of a demon said to have possessed a lay sister among the community of nuns at Loudun, France, in 1633.

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