Once you understand how energies work, and which energies are most beneficial to you, you can not only heal yourself, but there are possibilities of healing others. A man can have the widest frame with the biggest muscles, but many of these men can't even last longer than 20 minutes in the bedroom with their woman and have no energy and end their day with no energy after feeding their food addiction.  Muscles do not equate to life energy and in many instances can be the exact opposite. To understand energy is to understand life.  To understand REAL immortality. We open doors to this journey for you.  to begin, we open the doors to our sun, tao, chi, the chakras and much more. Medical Disclaimer

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Zoomancy A system of divination based on the appearances and behavior of animals.


Zoaphite According to the seventeenth-century traveler Jan Struys, a zoaphite was a species of cucumber that fed on neighboring plants. Its fruit had the form of a...


Zabulon This is the name of a demon said to have possessed a lay sister among the community of nuns at Loudun, France, in 1633.

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