This is a much-touted area of the occult. There are many meditation techniques, and many claims made for the benefits of meditation. Basically, meditation has two functions -- relaxation, and perhaps, improved concentration. There are two main types...1) concentration meditation (focusing) and 2) insight meditation (mindfulness).  Understanding these will be important in the quest for meditation mastery.  See our blogs for information as this is a MAJOR topic that you want to accomplish for your overall well being.  We recommend that yoga and meditation are FIRST before you begin ANYTHING else (aside from diet, of course) in order to get your health on track.

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Zoomancy A system of divination based on the appearances and behavior of animals.


Zoaphite According to the seventeenth-century traveler Jan Struys, a zoaphite was a species of cucumber that fed on neighboring plants. Its fruit had the form of a...


Zabulon This is the name of a demon said to have possessed a lay sister among the community of nuns at Loudun, France, in 1633.

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