Center for Archaeoastronomy
Founded in 1978 to investigate mysteries of ancient sites
such as Stonehenge and the Nazca lines in Peru. It is a nonprofit
organization concerned primarily with the science, astronomy,
and archaeology of ancient peoples. It grew out of the
work of people such as R. J. C. Atkinson, Alexander Thom,
Gerald S. Hawkins, and Aubrey Burl on Stonehenge and other
megalithic sites in Great Britain. The center publishes a quarterly
newsletter, Archaeoastronomy & Ethnoastronomy News In
1997, the Center joined the International Society for Archaeoastronomy
and also publishes their newsletter. The Center’s
former journal, Archaeoastronomy was taken over by the
University of Texas press and continues to be published under
the name, Archaeoastronomy The Jourrnal of Astronomy in Culture.
Address Center for Archaeoastronomy, PO Box ‘‘X’’, College
Park, MD 20741-3022. Website
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