Center for Scientific Anomalies Research
Founded by sociologist Dr. Marcello Truzzi in 1981 to
bring together scholars and researchers concerned with the responsible,
skeptical, and scientific inquiry into claims concerning
anomalies—including UFOs, cryptozoology, and other
similar phenomena originally cataloged by Charles Fort. Truzzi
had earlier broken with the Committee for the Scientific Investigation
of Claims of the Paranormal because he had come
to reject its hardline debunking stance as opposed to the scientific
inquiry he proposed. For a decade he edited the Zetetic
Scholar (1978–87); CSAR grew out of the response to the journal.
CSAR promotes an open and fair-minded inquiry that is
also constructively skeptical, although with the discontinuance
of the Zetetic Scholar its activity level has been greatly reduced.
Much emphasis in the 1990s has been focused on the Institute
for Anomalistic Criminology, one division of CSAR. Address
Center for Scientific Anomalies Research, P.O. Box 105, Ann
Arbor, MI 48103.
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