Center for Spiritual Awareness
Organization devoted to the concept that religion is a personal
relationship between the individual soul and God, with
the goal of becoming dissolved in the mystery of divine essence.
The center was incorporated in 1964 by H. Edwin O’Neal.
Later in the decade, Roy Eugene Davis, a disciple of Paramahansa
Yogananda, associated with the center and merged his
organization, New Life Worldwide, with it. Davis succeeded
O’Neal as head of CSA in 1977.
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Center for Spiritual Awareness
Under Davis’s leadership, the Center for Spiritual Awareness
expanded to become the Church of the Christian Spiritual
Alliance (which in spite of its name teaches kriya yoga and Hinduism
as originally expounded by Swami Yogananda and the
Self-Realization Fellowship). The center is now the teaching
department of the Church of the Christian Spiritual Alliance.
Meditation retreats and seminars are offered at the headquarters
as well as in several North American cities. It publishes the
Truth Journal. Address PO Box 7, Lakemont, GA 30552-
0001. Website
Center for Spiritual Awareness.
March 8, 2000.
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