Center for Spiritual Development
The Center for Spiritual Development in San Diego, California,
is the home base for the activities of Druidess and metaphysical
counselor Katherine Torres. Torres is a member of the
Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, the oldest of the Druid
organizations, and has operated as a New Age minister for several
decades. She completed her Ph.D. in metaphysical science
and transpersonal psychology at Westbrook University. Torres
writes widely for New Age periodicals but is best known for her
work on several divinatory tools, The Sacred Path Wheel and
Faces of Womanspirit.
The Sacred Path Wheel was developed from Torres’ years of
experience at reading tarot cards assisted by her channeling
activity. The wheel is a circular chart divided into twelve segments.
Each segment represents one of the elements of power
that are believed to be with each individual as they align with
the soul. When the elements are in balance, the individual becomes
aware of hisher inner power and can walk in love and
strength. The information included in The Sacred Path Wheel
was given to Torres from her angelic guardians. It primary use
is for discovering one’s life lesson. It is Torres’ belief that each
individual incarnates for a new life in embodiment to learn a
particular lesson. It is believed that one will incarnate into a situation
that would tend to force a confrontation with that lesson.
Ultimately, the goal is to learn the lesson and move toward balance.
The Sacred Path Wheel also reveals the soul’s connection to
the basic elements of the universe (earth, air, fire, and water)
and their manifestation in the guardians, animals, plants, and
minerals. The elements provide the energy to pursue one’s life
Torres has also developed a new tarot-like deck of divination
cards, the Faces of Womanspirit, designed to assist females
to connect with their femininity and the Goddess. It is used as
a New Age tool, assisted by the book guide that accompanies
the deck, to facilitate one’s particular move into the realm of
light. In developing the Faces of Womanspirit, Torres drew especially
on her Druid background.
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