Center of Universal Truth
The Center of Universal Truth is an organization for the
dissemination of the teachings of a spiritual teacher known
only as Jeremiah. He had been an engineer until resigning in
1965. He subsequently was ordained as a minister and earned
a doctor of divinity degree. However, after functioning as a
Center for Spiritual Development Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
minister, he claimed God told him to drop all of the trappings
of institutionalized religion, including his ministerial titles. He
subsequently spent three years on a South Pacific Island, during
which time he received a revelation he believed to be directly
from the Creator. The revelation consisted of some 70 discourses
from the Creator and an additional revelation from the
Master Jesus. After his return to the United States, he was told
to found the center to assist as many humans as possible into
the coming New Age.
It is the teaching of the center that in the beginning the Creator
expressed himself and brought forth some mighty Spirits.
These Spirits in turn created the solar systems, galaxies, and
universes that compose the Creator Omniverse. The Creator
then expressed himself again and brought forth other spirits
to inhabit the universe previously created. These spirits include
those who now exist as Earth’s human race. Unfortunately, over
the millennia, we have forgotten our origin as Spirit Light beings.
Contributing to that forgetfulness are the structures of institutional
The destiny of humans is spiritual enlightenment (Godconsciousness)
and ascension. Those who ascend join the legion
of souls who work to assist humans in their attaining their
enlightenment. They are popularly known as the Great White
The center teaches that God is pure spiritual light. As with
normal light, spiritual light can manifest as a spectrum of seven
colors, each color a representation of an attribute of God. God’s
light permeates the universe and each thing in it. When men
and women have the light of God within, it is possible for them
to come to a realization of God and gain the spiritual consciousness
required for ascension. This move is necessary due to the
changes soon to manifest on Earth as the old is dissolved and
replaced by a new fourth dimension reality.
The Center of Universal Truth is headquartered at P.O. Box
1274, Joshua Tree, CA 92252.
Jeremiah. The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Great White Brotherhood.
Joshua Tree, Calif. Center of Universal Truth, 1992.