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Central Premonitions Registry
Founded by Robert and Nancy Nelson in New York, the
Central Premonitions Registry registers and checks predictions
from any part of the country. The registry invites anyone
with claims to premonition to send them full details for the
special filing system, so that their predictions may be verified.
Premonitions are date-stamped and filed under such categories
as natural disasters, wars and international relations, aircraft
and ship disasters, and prominent personalities—injury
or death. All these predictions are monitored and checked.
The registry has already verified many remarkably accurate
predictions, mostly from ordinary individuals, rather than professional
psychics. Robert Nelson first became interested in the
paranormal through the telekinetic ability of his identical twin
brother, William, to move small objects by mental concentration.
The Central Premonitions Registry is the first private agency
in the United States dedicated to the scientific evaluation of
precognitive perceptions and their use as an early warning system
for assassinations, plane crashes, floods, fires, and other
catastrophes. Psychically gifted individuals are encouraged to
participate in dream and telepathy studies at local dream laboratories.
The registry also provides lectures to civic groups,
schools, and colleges on precognition and related faculties. Address
P.O. Box 482, Times Square Sta., New York, NY 10036