Chari, C(adambur) T(iruvenkatachari)
K(rishnama) (1909– )
Professor and chairman of the Department of Philosophy
and Psychology at Madras Christian College in India. Chari
was born June 5, 1909, in Trivellore, India, and received both
his M.A. (1932) and Ph.D. (1953) degrees from Madras University.
He served as lecturer in philosophy at American College,
Madurai (1933–40), and as assistant professor (1940–56) and
associate professor (1956–58) at Madras Christian College before
becoming chairman of the Department of Philosophy and
Psychology in 1958. He was also a consulting editor of the Indian
Journal of Psychology.
Chari became interested in psychical research as a teenager
when he read the works of Stainton Moses. A Christian, he was
also somewhat critical of yoga and the belief in reincarnation
and emerged as a critic of the research of Ian Stevenson. Over
the years he published numerous articles on the wide range of
subjects covered by parapsychology from a philosophical perspective.
In 1958 he became a corresponding member of the
Society for Psychical Research, London. He also edited the
volume Essays in Philosophy Presented to Dr. T. M. P. Mahadevan
in 1963.
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