Chauvin, Rémy (1913– )
Director of the Experimental Ethology Laboratory at Bures
sur Yvette, France, and noted behaviorist and entomologist.
Chauvin was born October 10, 1913, in Toulon, France, and
earned a doctorate in 1941 from the Sorbonne. He became the
research director of the French Agronomical Research Institute
in 1946; two years later he was appointed director of the Experimental
Ethology Laboratory. In 1954 he assumed duties as
coeditor of the Journal of Insect Physiology. He was named a laureate
of the French Academy of Science.
Chauvin wrote on a wide variety of parapsychological subjects
but was especially interested in ESP in relation to animals.
He wrote many articles that were published under a pseudonym.
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