Chevalier, Marie George (1889– )
A retired engineer and director of experiments for the Association
Française d’Etudes Métapsychiques. Chevalier was born
September 30, 1889, in Bar-le-Duc (Meuse), France, and studied
at Dijon Academy, receiving bachelor’s degree in science
(1908) and arts (1909). He also graduated in 1914 from the
Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures. Chevalier served as
lieutenant in the French army in World War I, and as captain
in World War II. He was awarded the Cross of the Legion of
Reports of his investigations in psychokinesis and telepathy
of sensation appeared in Sciences Métapsychiques and Cahiers
Métapsychiques. He was author of La Morte, cette illusion (1953),
and co-author with Bertrand de Cressac Bachelerie of La
Métapsychique—problème crucial (1960).

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