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Children of Light
The Children of Light is a post-New Age organization
founded in the early 1990s by Ron Baker and Robert Baker.
Ron Baker grew up in North Carolina and by the time he entered
college he was conflicted by two career choices that led
him to choose a double major, pre-med and the performing
arts. The latter won out in the short run, and following his
graduation from Baylor University he pursued his master’s and
doctorate at Cincinnati College–Conservatory of Music.
Through the 1980s he traveled and sang in opera and stage
musicals. He also took the opportunities provided by his travels
to study with a variety of alternative healers, from shamans to
Reiki masters. He also developed some psychic awareness, including
the ability to feel the symptoms from which others suffered.
In 1990 his to career brought him New York where he
met Robert Baker.
Canadian Robert Baker grew up in a Christian Science
home, his grandmother being a practitioner. As a young man
he moved to New York City to pursue a career as an actor. He
eventually became the make-up artist for the New York City
Opera. In 1987 he joined the opera company in a tour of Asia.
While in Bali in December he had a near-death experience. As
many had before him, during the experience, he traveled to
the light and was told that he needed to learn how to love. The
experience began a period of intense spiritual searching and
development. Then in 1990, while meditating, he fell into a
trance. Upon awakening, Baker was told by those with him that
he had been channeling an entity named Gabriel. Shortly
thereafter, he met Ron Baker.
Working together, the two combined their interests and
skills to produce a process of ascension, a process of individual
awakening and healing described as transcending the limitations
of the ego and opening to Soul Consciousness. The process
begins with a review of one’s life and the breaking of negative
mental and emotional conditionings that hold one in the
past. Each person is then initiated into the various levels of
Reiki healing, which becomes the basis of the personal development
classes that include an introduction to prosperity consciousness
and kundalini. The ultimate goal is seen as the
opening to new levels of cosmic energy and the development
of what is termed Soul Consciousness.
The process of individual development occurs within what
is seen as a planetary movement toward ascension that began
with the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. This process will culminate
with a radical shift of consciousness affecting all of humanity
around 2012. The transition period will be broken into
segments of time for awakening (1992–98), purification
(1999–2001), and integration (2002–12). The Bakers also lead
tours to sacred sites around the world and organize worldwide
meditations as part of the ongoing efforts contributing to the
transition of consciousness among humans.
The Children of Light may be contacted through its Internet
site at It offers a number
of cassette tapes containing the channeled messages of Gabriel
and the organization’s own teachings and instructional material.
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