A comet discovered in 1977 whose existence has been integrated
into contemporary astrology. Chiron, as originally observed
by astronomer Charles Kowal, is an estimated 150 miles
in diameter, by far the largest comet-like body in the solar system.
It was thought to be a planetoid traveling in its orbit between
Saturn and Uranus and only in 1990 discovered to be a
Believed to be a new planet, astrologers moved quickly to integrate
it into traditional astrology. A volume detailing its
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Chiron
movement through the astrological signs was quickly compiled
and made available at the 1978 meeting of the Astrologers’
Guild of America. Zane B. Stein founded the Association for
Studying Chiron and published initial speculations in the association’s
periodical, The Key. He also authored the first book on
the planet, Interpreting Chiron, in 1983. It was immediately followed
by several others in the attempt to offer psychological insights
into the new factor in the horoscope. The story of the ancient
Greek mythological character for whom the planet was
named was detailed by Dale O’Brien, who saw him as the first
astrologer, trained by Artemis and Apollo.
By the time that Chiron was discovered to be a comet, an estimated
20 percent of practicing astrologers were regularly adding
it to their clients’ charts (astrologers being quite conservative
in making any major alteration to the preparation of
charts). The discovery that Chiron was a comet did not lead to
any demise in its popularity, though it may slow any further acceptance
by the next generation and inclusion in twenty-first
century astrological textbooks. In the 1990s, The Key was superseded
by Chironicles A Newsletter Dedicated to the Myth and Astrology
of Chiron, and the Practice of Astrology from a Chironic Perspective
(available from P.O. Box 41127, Sacramento, CA 95841).
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