Choynowski, Mieczyslaw (1909– )
Director of the Psychometrical Laboratory, Polish Academy
of Sciences. Choynowski was born November 1, 1909, in Poland
and studied at Warsaw University (M.A., 1937) and Jagellonian
University (Ph.D., 1946). After graduation he became
the editor of the Polish journal Life of Science and from 1951 to
1960 was director of the Psychological Laboratory, State Hospital
for Mental Illness, Krakow-Kobierzyn.
Choynowski was a visiting Ford Foundation fellow to the
United States in 1957–58. He has been a member of the Polish
Psychological Association, the Association Internationale de
Psychologie Appliquée, the American Statistical Association,
and the Association Internationale de Cybernétique; a foreign
affiliate of the American Psychological Association; and a graduate
member of the British Psychological Society. His acceptance
of parapsychology is marked with skepticism, especially
regarding experimental studies of telepathy and clairvoyance

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