Chronic Cold Idiopathic Urticaria Hives Permanent Treatment

Buckle up folks – because you are about to learn some secrets about hives –
It was around 2013, and I was finally stepping on the treadmill for the first time in about 10 years. I had to make a change. I was starting to look in the mirror and hate how I saw myself. In fact, I had already started some changes with my diet. I was now going to Whole Foods and eating a little more organic, but I wasn’t quite 100 percent organic, yet. I was taking Vitamin C supplements and taking Secretagogue Gold, an HGH amino acid formula that was working pretty well.

But something odd was happening when I was running. I began developing these hives minutes after starting to run. I thought that this was pretty odd, but obviously, I wasn’t going to stop running because the running was taking my weight off. And why would I be getting hives now, all of a sudden? The hives were mainly on my forehead, too. No way to hide them. A couple on the cheeks, and around the neck and chest area, too, but not as bad as the forehead. The rest of my body didn’t get them. How embarrassing. I would hope that no one would see them, and with my hives, as long as I didn’t scratch they would go away in a matter of about 15 minutes.

Well, a month later, my Grandma passed away, and she raised me since I was a little boy. I continued running as it now helped me with mental stress that I hadn’t had before and at the same time, I had just made a change in my career and the stress was getting to me. Here I was, still breaking out in these annoying hives. To make matters worse, now at work, especially in the winter of 2013, when I was stressed or coming inside into a hot room from it being cold outside, I would also break out in hives. It was embarrassing, frustrating, and was damaging my self-confidence. So, I tried to put two and two together.  That entire winter, whenever my body heat rose, due to stress, exercise, or direct sunlight hitting my face, I would break out in them.  I started eating organic food and told myself no more over the counter or prescription drugs, so I went the entire 2014 without taking anything and continuing taking care of myself.  What was odd, is when Summer came around in 2014, they just stopped. I thought I was cured! Yes!

Chronic Cold Idiopathic Urticaria Hives Permanent Treatment

But sure enough, when Winter of 2014 came around, it revealed its ugly head again.  The hives were back.  I realized that from about October to April, there was a possibility of me getting them.  I couldn’t understand it.  It was a nightmare.  At this point, I am still exercise almost daily, organic food only, and taking supplements such as vitamin C, etc. to help boost my immune system.  I didn’t know what to do about them, and I refused to take any prescription drugs, so basically I just dealt with them, and tried to limit my stress whenever I could.  Problem was, even if I limited by stress, they would still come around during exercise in the winter. So, by winter 2015, I am fed up, and I tell myself that it’s time to figure this out and see what the hell is really going on.

I tried cutting out gluten and sodium, and neither worked.  I tried tanning, because some websites said tanning and having some additional Vitamin D can help with the hives, but it really didn’t, and it made me look older, so I didn’t like it.  I thought it was working at first, but sure enough, I had a couple outbreaks anyway, and they still revealed themselves through the tan skin. Then I began to research more in depth and one website said that Zyrtec could help with hives.  I remembered that I had actually taken Zyrtec for spring time allergies before I started eating organic and cutting out dairy. Once I quit dairy in 2012, I stopped having allergies so I stopped taking the Zyrtec. I had taken it for about 10 years in the springtime. But it wasn’t like I was addicted to taking Zyrtec, because again, I was only taking it in the Spring for allergies. So, I was desperate, and even though I hadn’t touched a Zyrtec since 2012, I had a couple public situations I needed to be “hive-free” from, so I figured I might as well give it a shot.  So, I take the Zyrtec at my events, even though I felt like I was destroying my body by popping those pills, and magically, the hives never occurred.  I was angry because I wanted my new life to be where there were no man-made chemicals in my body except from nature!

So, I realize that something is wrong here.  Something just isn’t right.  Why is Zyrtec working?  So, me being a health nut I hop online and start Googling natural histamine blockers to see if they will help. I come across Butterbur, Stinging Nettle, Quercetin, Vitamin C mega dosing, etc. to rid them and I try them all. In fact, I would pre-make my morning drinks and throw all of these ingredients in them every morning to start my day. Unfortunately, after a couple months of this, by March 2016, I realize that it only helps a little bit, and does not completely rid them. I start doing some research in depth and realize that my histamines are probably completely jacked up because of mild Zyrtec withdrawal… and here I am, 3 years later, STILL having withdrawal hives because it happens whenever my body wants to release histamines.  I am absolutely convinced that Zyrtec messed up my body’s natural histamines and I am not sure how they can recover now.  So, I start to blame Zyrtec and see tons of forums on the exact same issue, where people are losing their minds and blaming Zyrtec.

So now it is the Summer of 2016, and I don’t want to deal with another Winter of hives. I am just fed up, so I start thinking about what I can do. I can’t just blame it on Zyrtec and take Zyrtec for the rest of my life. There has to be another way to heal the body, even if it is addicted to Zyrtec. After all, you can’t give up.


So during my research in Summer of 2016, I came across an article about dermatographia welts. dermatographia welts are similar to hives, but basically this is a part of urticaria (hives) that appear within minutes followed by itching, just like what I had.  I came across this blog that mentioned that Histamines themselves are the cause of dermatographia welts. If the adrenal glands aren’t functioning properly due to adrenal fatigue, then they won’t release enough cortisol and there will be a higher release of histamine, meaning more itchiness and welts. The blog went on to say that one way to make sure the body is releasing enough cortisol and reducing the amount of histamine in the blood, especially during times of temperature changes, stress, etc., is to support your adrenal glands.  That made perfect sense, because Zyrtec is an ANTI-histamine that reduces histamine, which is why it works. Ah hah, things were starting to come together a little bit now. It’s about raising cortisol and lowering histamines. But how could I raise cortisol and why didn’t I have enough already? And what’s up with these ‘Adrenal Glands’, and what are they exactly?

So after doing a little more research toward the end of the summer, I came across a magnificent book called Adrenal Fatigue by James L. Wilson. In this book, James talks about how our modern-day lifestyle in this country is destroying our adrenal glands. And to make matters worse, once they are destroyed, it is incredibly hard to get them back to functioning properly again – but there IS stuff that you can do to make them function well again.

When reading this book, I realized that I was stuff doing a lot of stuff wrong.


Some high-level causes of Adrenal Fatigue are the following:

  • Excessive Stress, specifically emotional Stress (especially consistent emotional stress) – if you add on physical stress, it taxes them even more, and exercise is physical stress, although healthy physical stress (I was dealing with constant stress)
  • Your diet, specifically processed food, sugar, etc. (My diet was good, but I still think I was eating too much spicy foods and gluten)
  • Insufficient sleep (I usually had decent sleep, but I know many that don’t!)
  • Trauma (I had recently had a septoplasty surgery – loss of blood causes more stress than you know!  Ask yourself if the hives occurred after a surgery OR after donating or giving a lot of blood.  Loss of blood is serious and our bodies were NOT meant to lose blood!)
  • Caffeine use (I was ingesting Caffeine a lot, especially when writing a book on weekends)
  • Temperature of your water – little did I realize the affects of cold water.  I was drinking cold water all day, every day. It’s the only drink I would drink – and therefore I think that it was causing my body to have to work harder to digest the water, as opposed to room temperature water, or a hot beverage… so bottom line, drink water at room temp if you drink nothing but water…

But most importantly, when reading the book, you realize every single part of your life where your adrenal glands were taxed, and then discover that it happens much easier than you think. That you may be thinking you are okay, but all along, you really aren’t.  That each saddening event in your life, or traumatic experience is doing more to your body than you think it is. That your diet and sleep schedule are damaging your life more than you think that it is. And to make matters worse, doctors do not know much about adrenal fatigue unless you are scoring incredibly low in Addison Disease testing. They don’t look deep into your issues and put this stuff together. I’ll let you read the book, but I highly recommend it, because what my advice is below on how I beat my hives and started restoring my adrenal glands. More than likely, if you’re reading this blog, you have no clue what the adrenal glands are and worse, your doctor probably doesn’t, either.

First and foremost, you want to up your cortisol, you don’t want to touch your histamines with products like Zyrtec. Doing this only works temporarily, and you’re actually tackling the issue backwards and only temporarily. So, if none of the below work, then you need to up your cortisol via Hydrocortisone pills, and get the ones without any additives (can be found online or through a doctor), and taper off of them down the road while increasing vitamin C.  Do this in combination with the bullets above, and you should see a DRASTIC decline in your hives – or they will be eliminated completely, like mine.

BUT… I didn’t have to take Hydrocortisone.  Here is what I did, and it will make a lot more sense if you read the Adrenal Fatigue book (also in a link below the blog) –


  1. Ate a little more salt (don’t be afraid to salt your food if you are a low sodium diet person – make sure its sea salt, though.)
  2. Upped my Vitamin C intake
  3. Eliminated much of my caffeine intake (I believe this is a MAJOR culprit to taxing the adrenals).
  4. Eliminated sugary breakfasts (syrup, honey, fruits), and going to a more protein based breakfast.  There is nothing wrong with organic honey and fruits, but there is strong evidence supporting that a protein based breakfast is best to start the day.
  5. Adrenals control hormones, and attribute a lot to hormone balance, which is key in the cortisone/histamine ratio. You should work on your hormones by taking Thyroid Supplements and Adrenal Supplements.  Specifically, take Adrenal Extracts.  More on that below.
  6. Take pregnenolone and progesterone, BOTH. They can restore some of what’s missing.  Both of these are released by the adrenals.
  7. Take a small amount of DHEA, especially if you are male. Women can take, too.
  8. Licorice Root Tea – Licorice Root tea is great for the adrenals. I actually mix Licorice Root and Green Tea, together, in the morning.
  9. Chew your food. You wouldn’t believe it, but it taxes your digestive system when you don’t chew your food. Chew it and relax!
  10. Drink your water/liquids at room temperature.  Ease up on the cold drinks.  You should be drinking water!
  11. Avoid stress in other ways if they are triggers – breathing techniques, learn meditation (download the CALM or HEADSPACE APP on your iPhone)
  12. Eat right. This is a must. Research Paleo diet, which is basically a diet that cavemen would have eaten – nothing “man-made” and it’s amazing food.

Now here’s the deal, even with all this, I still had a couple small outbreaks as I toned it down!  But as my body got used to all of these things on a consistent basis, by the fall of 2016, in October, when I normally would get the hives, they were gone.  This helped me so much and what’s even better is this is ALL NATURAL METHOD of beating the hives, which is the way that it should be.  It took me 3 years’ worth of research and I told myself that if I ever found the secret, I would surely give back.  That’s what I am doing.

Lastly, let’s say all else fails and you try this stuff for a few months, read the book, and nothing happens.  The hives are still coming full force as they always did.  Very doubtful, but let’s play devil’s advocate here.

What is recommended, and is sure to work, are Adrenal cell extracts daily, combined with hydrocortisone orally (not the cream!) as stated above.

Take both together, and as months’ progress, you must ween off hydrocortisone after about 6 months and raise your vitamin C levels.  This isn’t the ‘best’ way to do it because hydrocortisone is a man-made drug and one of your goals should be to lean away from those kinds of things, but it works and works to restore the adrenals to handle stressors again…

Bottom line?

EVALUATE YOUR DIET AND RESTORE YOUR ADRENALS.  There is a quick tip guide here that is CHEAP with some valuable information.

UPDATE:  1 year later, October 2017, STILL NO HIVES… and guess what?  I found 1 more secret that was icing on the cake.  But it will be revealed later along with other secrets that all tie together.

What system is the adrenal glands linked to?  You might have guessed it, the endocrine system.  And what other organs are involved in the endocrine system?  How about the pituitary gland. How about the thyroid gland!  Take a look at how many thyroid issues we have in America. Take a look at our reproductive issues in this country. So ask yourself, how and why is this endocrine system being attacked?  What causes it? Always seek the root cause on EVERYTHING!

Also, don’t forget that I am a health nut and first things first, for many of you, you need to start there. You need to work on a lifestyle change.  Before I release my life coaching class to help you organize that new lifestyle, my biggest recommendation for YOU is to work toward eating organic and non-GMO foods – trying to lean more toward a paleo diet.  If you don’t know much about paleo eating, I have a good cookbook that I like and I have a link to it at the end.  But why is Paleo so important?  Quickly, it’s because its basically a ‘from nature’ diet where you only eat foods from this earth (so meats, veggies, fruits, and nuts with no processed eating).  By STARTING with a Paleo diet, you can creep in other food to see if it triggers hives and if so, you could fight a trigger, or at least one of the triggers.  It’s a fantastic way to lose weight, too.


So, 3 main things to start out your keys to success here:

1) Migrate towards a PALEO, “from the earth” only diet – a good cookbook that is well worth it is located here.  The reason for this is to kick start your diet from nature, and then you can add items as you go along to verify specific ‘triggers’.

2) Restore your adrenal glands! – by supplementation and research, research, research!  Remember, most doctors don’t have a lot of knowledge on these glands.

3) Work on living stress free.  You can work on your adrenals, but you must take the right approach to the stress indicators in your life.  Also, look into meditation and yoga to control your stress levels.  Don’t go running to doctors for an anti-anxiety pill that could have severe side affects.

Also, if you just scrolled to the bottom of this blog and didn’t read the full story, big mistake, because the backstory is key to beating this!   You need to know why the diet, stress, and the adrenals are so important.  By understanding this, the life of hives should come to an end. Your body is trying desperately to tell you something when you get hives.

Now here’s the real deal. Some of this may be a “shock” to you. You’re reading this and thinking that there is NO WAY that all the doctors you have seen on this hive issue could be wrong. You can’t believe that you have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on allergy medicine for little reason. I understand. I was there.  And I am NOT a doctor, but I am confident in saying that the root cause is the adrenal glands, and that hives are NOT a bad thing because it is your body warning you of overdoing it.  In fact, you are LUCKY that you have hives.  Some peoples issues due to stress get much worse and chronic illness begins.  If you are just struggling with hives alone, you are incredibly lucky that you are getting this warning signal so you can correct the root cause now. Be smart and start seeking root cause to your issues – not just with hives, but anything else you are encountering with your body.

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Thanks, everyone!

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