Church of Revelation
The Church of Revelation is a New Age Spiritualist church
founded in 1976 by Rev. Harrison Ray Hasketh of Honolulu,
Hawaii, and Rev. Linda L. Harrison of Seattle, Washington.
Hasketh, a popular spiritualpsychic counselor known as Tat,
had previously taught at the Mystic Island Center operated by
medium Patricia Diegel in Honolulu. In 1975 he opened his
own Astral Physics School and was ordained in the Life Science
Church, a church that ordained independent ministers by mail.
He also began two call-in radio shows.
Tat was born in 1936 in Pennsylvania and raised in a Christian
church. He was baptized in the Evangelical United
Brethren Church (now a part of the United Methodist Church)
in 1946, but the heritage of his mother and grandmother as
seers and healers asserted itself during his youth. He was the
first male in the family to manifest such gifts. Thus during his
teen years he began a spiritual quest that led him to study the
world’s religious and spiritual traditions beginning with the
various Christian denominations and followed by the Eastern
religions and esoteric movements. When he was 33, he became
a disciple of Swami Muktananda, a teacher of kundalini yoga.
His broad studies led to an awakening experience in 1974,
which he describes in terms of his self-realization of his I Am
Presence. The Master of the Great White Brotherhood gave
him a new name, Tattenaiananda, one who bestows the gifts of
God and liberated bliss.
In the Astral Physics School, Tat demonstrated and taught
various psychic abilities from clairvoyance to seeing auras.
The work led naturally to the opening of the church early the
next year. The church is an eclectic Spiritualist church centered
upon belief in the one God, whom Tat refers to as transcendental
consciousness. Basic to the practice of church members is
the Rainbow Bridge Meditation, a special meditation technique
designed to bridge the gap between the conscious self
and the White Light of God.
The church is headed by a board of directors and Tat as
church president. Its international headquarters is at HCR 1
Box 57009, Keaau, HI 96749-9407. Its Internet site is at http Affiliated churches are found in
the mainland United States, Canada, and Bermuda. In 1985,
Tat accepted consecration as a bishop from Archbishop Joseph
Vredenburgh of the Federation of St. Thomas Churches, a
Gnostic Christian church headquartered in Palo Alto, California.
Church of Revelation.
February 15, 2000.