Church of Satanic Brotherhood
The Church of Satanic Brotherhood grew out of the period
of turmoil experienced by the Church of Satan in the early
1970s, during which time the majority of the church’s local centers
(termed grottos) revolted against the leadership of church
founder Anton LaVey. In the Midwest, prominent grottos were
functioning under the leadership of Wayne West in Detroit and
John DeHaven in Dayton, Ohio. LaVey moved against the rebellious
members in February 1973 by dissolving the Dayton
grotto. The following month DeHaven led in the founding of
the Church of Satanic Brotherhood.
The new church operated with a collective leadership of
bishops. A periodical, the True Grimoire, was launched, and
grottos soon appeared in Dayton, Indianapolis, Louisville, New
York City, and St. Petersburg. The church lasted only a short
time. In 1974 John DeHaven announced his conversion to
Christianity and publicly renounced Satanism.

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