Circle of Power Spiritual Foundation
The Circle of Power Spiritual Foundation was established in
the mid 1980s by Ray Fletcher, a psychic channel, and his wife
Candy. Through the mid-1960s, she had become interested in
psychic matters, and had read what she could find on paranormal
phenomena. In July 1968 Candy had talked Ray into trying
the ouija board with her. A spirit entity named Tawa came
through and identified himself as their son’s spiritual teacher.
He and Mikol had been together on earth in a previous incarnation
as Native Americas some 400 years ago. In September,
though the ouija board, Tawa asked about using Ray’s vocal
cords to speak. Permission was granted, and Ray began channeling
material from Tawa. The communications from Tawa
continued for two years. They were recorded and later transcribed.
The last session was on December 29, 1970.
The Fletchers did little with the material through the 1970s.
Then in 1979, Ray had a massive heart attack. He also had an
accompanying out-of-body experience during which he spoke
to Tawa. His heart troubles continued even though he had a bypass
operation in 1981. Meanwhile in 1979 he had also begun
work on a book that summarized Tawa’s teachings. The massive
volume, Spirit In His Mind, was nearing completion in 1984
when the Fletchers decided to move to Montana. Before moving
they incorporated the Circle of Power Spiritual Foundation
to publish the book. Two months after relocating in Montana,
Ray went into the hospital for an angiogram. However, the evening
before the proceeding, as a result of prayer, he was healed
of his heart problems. The angiogram could find none of the
artery blockages previously reported.
Tawa’s coming was to inaugurate the Second Coming of
Christ whom he said was then living in the Middle East. The
person did not yet know he was the Christ and the Christ essence
had yet to enter him. He would soon awaken to his mission
and identify himself and would be much revered. However,
before that happened, the Antichrist, living in England,
would identify himself, and exercise power for one year. The
Fletchers were told that they were part of a chosen circle of followers
who are messengers of the Second Coming.
Spirit in His Mind and several other lesser volumes published
soon afterward were the means of announcing the Second
Coming. However, by the end of the 1990s, the Circle had disappeared
and nothing was heard of the Fletchers, Tawa, or the
coming messiah through the 1990s. It is assumed that the predictions
of his arrival proved incorrect and the Circle has disbanded.

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