Clive-Ross, Francis Fabian (1921– )
Active figure in British occult publishing. A justice of the
peace, Clive-Ross was for many years proprietor of the Aquarian
Book Service, established at Pates Manor, an ancient house
in Middlesex. He relinquished his interest in Aquarian Press
around 1966.
Soon after the London Spiritualist Alliance was reorganized
as the College of Psychic Science in 1955, Clive-Ross became
editor of the long-established Spiritualist journal Light.
Under his editorship, the journal expanded its scope to include
articles on occultism, comparative religion, and parapsychology,
some of them highly critical and skeptical. Readers demanded
that the journal revert to its former role as a Spiritualist
publication. Clive-Ross pointed out that he had accepted
editorship on the condition that Light be an independent journal.
Subsequently, he resigned and Dr. V. F. Underwood took
over as editor in a voluntary capacity, the journal resuming its
stance of propagating the case for Spiritualism and psychical
Clive-Ross formed Perennial Books to specialize in metaphysics,
philosophy, and religion. He has retained a critical
faculty in dealing with occult subjects, believing that there is a
good deal of fraud or self-deception in Spiritualism and psychical

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