Clymer, R(euben) Swinburne (1878–1966)
For many years head of the Rosicrucian Fellowship (Fraternitas
Rosae Crucis), the oldest of the contemporary Rosicrucian
organizations, founded in the nineteenth century by Pascal
Beverley Randolph. Clymer was born November 25, 1878,
in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. He was educated at the College
of Medicine and Surgery, Chicago, Illinois (M.D., 1902).
Clymer made a special study of osteopathy and naturopathy,
and in 1910 he was registered as an osteopath in New York. He
soon emerged as an early champion of natural forms of medical
treatment, writing several books on the subject.
Clymer had become associated with the Rosicrucian Fellowship
as a young man. He enrolled as a neophyte in 1897. In
Cloven Foot Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
1905 he became grand master of the Rosicrucian Fellowship
and later succeeded James R. Phelps as exalted grand master
and Edward Brown as supreme grand master, a position he
held until his death in 1966. In his work for the fellowship he
created a number of associated organizations, including the
Philosophical Publishing Company (1900), Royal Fraternal Association
(1909), Beverly Hall Corporation (1921), Confederation
of Initiates (1929), and the Beverly Hall Foundation
(1941). Clymer was also a prolific author and wrote many of the
books still circulated by the fellowship.
After Clymer’s death in June 1966 his son Emerson M.
Clymer succeeded him as head of the fellowship.
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