College of Psychic Studies
A British organization continuing the work of the London
Spiritualist Alliance, originally established in 1884. The organization
was renamed the College of Psychic Science in 1955
and assumed its present name in 1970. It should not be confused
with the British College of Psychic Science, which flourished
from 1920 to 1947.
The College of Psychic Studies, an educational charity situated
in London, offers facilities to both experienced investigators
and the general public for research and intelligent discussion
in the field of psychical phenomena, with particular
emphasis on the evidence for survival after death and for communication
from the dead. The college is also concerned with
the relationship of psychic studies to philosophical and scientific
The college maintains a library of some 6,000 volumes on
all aspects of psychical science, Spiritualism, and related topics
and organizes lectures and psychological counseling. The college
currently publishes a triannual magazine, LIGHT, which
was founded in 1881. Address 16 Queensberry Pl., South Kensington,
London, SW7 2EB England. Website http
College of Psychic Studies.
March 8, 2000.