Common Ground (Vancouver)
Common Ground (Vancouver) is one of several New Age networking
magazines inspired by, taking the name of, and following
the general format of Common Ground (San Francisco), the
original such magazine. Common Ground (Vancouver) initially
appeared in the early 1990s with a self-conscious Canadian
focus. Like its model, it is an oversized periodical, approximately
30 pages per issue, largely supported by its many advertisers
in the local New Age community.
Common Ground is built around its ‘‘Resource Directory,’’ a
listing of organizations and events updated monthly. Directory
listings are presented categorically under such headings as
books and music; spiritual practices; health, healing and body
work; time-out, travel, and recreation; and intuitive arts.
Shorter notices of events are included in the monthly ‘‘Datebook.’’
These listings, all paid advertisements, are supplemented
by a number of display ads that collectively highlight
the events, publications, and programs of the broad spectrum
of the esoteric and holistic healing community in Western Canada.
These notices of the activities and resources available to
readers provide the main appeal of Common Ground, which appears
monthly and is distributed free thorough the metaphysical
bookstores and health food stores in British Columbia. Each
issue of Common Ground also includes one or two feature articles,
shorter articles on news of interest, brief book reviews, and
several columns. The content of the articles and columns has
shown a particular interest in holistic healing and the natural
Common Ground (Vancouver) is published at 201-3091 W.
Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G9, Canada, just down the
street from the Banyen Tree, Western Canada’s largest New
Age bookstore.
Common Ground (Vancouver). Vancouver, Canada, n.d.

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