Community of the Beloved Disciple
The Community of the Beloved Disciple is an initiatic mystery
school founded by visionary musician James F. Twyman.
As a young spiritual seeker in the early 1990s, Twyman had
been associated with Endeavor Academy and the related New
Christian Church of Full Endeavor, through which he was introduced
to A Course in Miracles, a volume reportedly channeled
from Jesus Christ through psychiatrist Helen Schucman.
He later spent time with the Emissaries of Divine Light, an New
Age community with numerous centers worldwide. By the mid1990s
he had developed a primary concern for world peace.
In the summer of 1995, as he was about to embark on a concert
tour in Europe, Twyman was given a copy of a set of
prayers for peace from 12 world religions. He subsequently
wrote music to go with these prayers, which have become an important
aspect of his performances. During his journey in Europe,
he found his way to the war-torn countries of Bosnia and
Croatia, and while there claimed to have met a group of 13
spiritual masters. They gave him a simple message that it was
now possible for humanity to create a world based on the laws
of love that will replace the present one built on fear. Since that
time, carrying this message to the world has determined Twyman’s
career. He also subsequently developed a variety of psychic
Twyman wrote a book describing his meeting with the masters
that was published in 1997. He also held concerts in Iraq,
Northern Ireland, and at the United Nations in New York City,
each aimed at helping the cause of world peace. He also organized
what he called the Great Experiment, calling for people
around the world to join in ten minutes of prayer for world
peace on April 23, 1998. He tied the event to the visit to the
United Nations of Thomas Banyacya and the Hopi elders several
years previously with their message of peace. The Great
Experiment II was held on April 23, 2000.
Out of his experience with the masters, whom he termed the
Emissaries of Light, Twyman organized the Community of the
Beloved Disciple, to initiate people into their teachings. People
drawn to his community are considered those who have chosen
to reincarnate at this time in order to become stewards of the
new world ruled by love that is coming into existence. Those
who affiliate with the community begin with two courses of
study of four and six months respectively that prepare them for
initiation. Further study leads to ordination as a minister in the
The Community of the Beloved Disciple may be contacted
at P.O. Box 1054, Joshua Tree, CA 92252. It has an Internet
page at
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