Conary Mor
A legendary high king of Ireland. It is said that his greatgrandfather
destroyed the Fairy Mound of Bri-Leith, and thus
brought ill fate upon Conary Mor. As a child, he left his three
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Conary Mor
foster brothers on the Plains of Liffey and followed a flock of
beautiful birds down to the shore. The birds were transformed
into armed men, who told him they belonged to his father and
were his kin. His geise (taboo) was made known to him, and later
he was proclaimed king of Erin.
His reign was prosperous, until the Danaans lured him to
break his geise. It is told how Conary, dying of thirst after battle,
sent his warrior Mac Cecht to bring him water. Mac Cecht had
much difficulty in obtaining the water, and on his return, he
found Conary had been beheaded. The water, however, was
raised to the mouth of the bodiless head, which, it is said,
thanked Mac Cecht for his deed

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