Cooper, Margaretta S. (ca. 1850)
Early nineteenth century American medium and daughter
of La Roy Sunderland. In July 1850 Sunderland, a former
Methodist minister turned magnetist-lecturer, launched from
Boston one of the first periodicals devoted to reports on Spiritualism,
the Spiritual Philosopher. In the first issue he expressed
some doubts about the validity of spiritual rappings, but a few
weeks later his daughter Margaretta became a medium. In October
1850 Sunderland wrote:
‘‘The manifestations of the spirit world have been continued
in our own family in Charlestown, and our office in Boston,
with increasing and wonderful interest. . . . The mysterious
sounds have been made in nearly all the rooms in our house,
and have been heard at different times by different people.’’
Cupron, E. W. Modern Spiritualism: Its Facts and Fanaticisms.
Boston: B. Marsh; New York: Partridge and Brittan, 1855.

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