Copyright (of Psychic Scripts)
Under the decision of Mr. Justice Eve (London, July 1926,
Bligh Bond v. Miss Cummins), a medium who is the amanuensis
for the transmission or production of any written communication
made in the presence of a sitter or sitters was adjudged to
be the sole author of the script produced, and therefore the
sole owner of all copyright values inherent in it (subject to the
absence of any special agreement to the contrary), whether the
script was addressed to a sitter as recipient or otherwise, or
whether it contained matter personal to the sitter.
As a result of the above ruling, in Britain the element of telepathic
transmission from sitter to medium resulting in the production
of writing, or of any associative influence of a like nature
involving any other person, living or dead, is excluded
from the purview of the law.