Cordonnier, Gerard Anatole F. (1907– )
An engineer with the French Naval Construction Service
who had an interest in parapsychology. He was born April 19,
1907, at Bailleul (Nord), France, and studied at the Ecole Polytechnique,
Paris, the University of Lyons, and the Ecole Nationale
Supèvieve du Génie Maritime. Honors for his work
began in 1931 when he won the Arts, Sciences and Letters Silver
Medal. He was presented the Chevalier, Légion d’Honneur
at the end of World War I (1945). His distinguished scientific
career included assignment to the National Center for Scientific
Research in 1952. He began his service in the Documentation
Center of the center in 1958. He has written on clairvoyance
and mathematics, and on levitation in relation to gravity.
His parapsychological interests included telepathy, clairvoyance,
levitation, and psychokinesis.