Cornell, A(nthony) D(onald) (1923– )
British business technical representative with a longstanding
interest in parapsychology. Cornell was educated at
Cambridge University, where he studied economics. He was active
in the Cambridge University Society for Research in Parapsychology,
and became successively its research officer
(1956–58), senior research officer (1958–60), and president. In
1962 he became a member of the council of the Society for
Psychical Research, London. He conducted an early study
measuring public sightings of apparitions and studied hauntings,
apparitions, and poltergeists, the primary literary result
being the book Poltergeists (1979), which he cowrote with Alan
Cornell, A. D. ‘‘An Experiment in Apparitional Observation
and Findings.’’ Journal of the Society for Pyschical Research 40
(1959) 120.
Gauld, Alan, and A. D. Cornell. Poltergeists. London Routledge
and Kegan Paul, 1979.

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