Cosmerism was the name of a short-lived channeling group
that originated in September 1972 when a couple (given the
names Luke and Mark) channeled the messages of a group of
seven angels. These messages were later published as the Book
of Cosmer. Following instructions from the angels, Luke and
Mark gathered a group of 13, each of whom was given a
Cosmerite name Matthias, Matthew, Judas Secarius, Josephus,
Ananda, Peter, James the Elder, Thomas, Paul, Thaddeus, and
John the Beloved. Luke and Mark completed the circle. In the
summer of 1974 this circle went public with the first study of
the Book of Cosmer and The Moon Monk, a periodical.
Cosmerism advocated the Way of Cosmer, which begins with
a realization of the creative force innate in all things as the
source of creation. Humanity is on a course toward a oneness
of people and angels within the larger unity of the creative
The Cosmerites were headquartered in Winter Park, Florida.
They proposed the building of Ichikama, a wilderness ashram,
but it was never constructed, and the group seems to have
disbanded within a few years of its formation.