Cosmic Picture Gallery
Also known as the akashic records—the scenic representation
of every thought, feeling, and action since the beginning
of the world. Light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles a second,
yet the astronomic distances are so vast that it takes hundreds
of thousands of years for light to reach Earth from distant stars.
Suppose a person could see, through such enormity of space,
what was happening on Earth. At present they could witness
only the primeval past. From a great distance the creation of
the whole world could be seen as a present reality. Swami
Panchadasi, an early twentieth-century writer on astral projection,
‘‘By travelling to a point in time, on the fourth dimension,
you may begin at that point and see a moving picture of history
of any part of the earth from that time to the present, or you
may reverse the sequence by travelling backwards. You may
also travel in the astral, in ordinary space dimensions, and thus
see what happened simultaneously all over the earth at any special
time, if you wish. As a matter of strict truth, however, I must
inform you that the real records of the past exist on a much
higher plane than the astral, and that which you have witnessed
is but a reflection (practically perfect, however) of the original
records. It requires a high degree of occult development in
order to perceive even this reflection in the astral light. An ordinary
clairvoyant, however, is often able to catch occasional
glimpses of these astral pictures, and may thus describe fairly
well happenings of the past.’’
The concept of akashic records derives from Hinduism as
transmitted through the Theosophical Society and the teachings
of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who claimed that
such records were accessible to a gifted percipient.
Panchadasi, Swami. The Astral World Its Scenes, Dwellers, and
Phenomena. Chicago Advanced Thought Publishing, 1915.