Creme, Benjamin (1922– )
Scottish-born professional artist who paints images of an
inner reality perceived through meditation and claims to be a
herald of ‘‘the reappearance of the Christ’’ at the end of the
twentieth century. Born in Glasgow in 1922, early in his life
Creme became attracted to theosophical literature, especially
the writings of Alice A. Bailey. In the 1950s he also joined the
Aetherius Society, an occult-oriented flying saucer contact
group founded by George King, in which he learned a form of
meditation called ‘‘transmission’’ meditation.
Throughout the 1950s Creme was in direct contact with the
Great White Brotherhood, the assembly of beings believed by
Theosophists to guide the destiny of humankind. Creme
claimed that in 1959 he received a telepathic communication
from his own master, a member of the divine hierarchy, who
told him that he would have a part to play in the return of
Maitreya, the Christ. (In Theosophy, the person who walked
the earth as Jesus, and is called the Christ by Christians, is identified
as Maitreya, the bodhisattva whom many Buddhists expect
to appear in the near future.) A constant and conscious
telepathic link was established with this master, by which
Creme received precise and up-to-date information about the
reappearance of the Christ, which Bailey had predicted to
occur toward the end of the twentieth century.
In 1974 Creme began to lecture extensively on the subject
throughout Europe and North America. Also in 1974 Creme
formed Share International Foundation, a group to prepare
for the coming of the Christ, and according to Creme, messages
and contacts with the Christ took place soon afterward.
In an information sheet, ‘‘The Reappearance of the Christ and
the Masters of Wisdom,’’ Creme noted
‘‘There now lives among us a man who embodies in Himself
the hope and aspiration of the religious groups as well as the
practical aspirations of the political and economic thinkers for
a better life for all.
‘‘Awaited also by Buddhists as the Lord Maitreya, by Moslems
as the Imam Mahdi, as the Bodhisattva by Hindus and as
the Messiah by the Jews, the World Teacher made known in
June 1945 . . . His intention to return to the world at the earliest
possible moment. In Palestine, 2000 years ago, He manifested
through His Disciple Jesus (Who is now the Master Jesus) by a
process of overshadowing. This time he comes Himself, as
World Teacher for the Aquarian Age.
‘‘On July 19, 1977, Maitreya, the Christ, entered the modern
world. Since then, He has been living as a member of the
Asian Community of East London an ordinary man, not
known as the Christ, and not using His name Maitreya. . . .
‘‘A number of TV and radio programs in which the Christ
has taken part have already been broadcast. The Plan was that
through media coverage of His public meetings He would
gradually become well-known, first nationally and then internationally.
However, due to the lack of response on the part of
the media, this has not taken place.
‘‘As part of a contingency plan, therefore, Benjamin Creme
was allowed to disclose the Christ’s location. At a press conference
in Los Angeles on May 14, Benjamin Creme announced
that the Christ had been living in London since 1977. . . .’’
Creme predicted the appearance of the Christ in 1982 and
offered many hints to the press as to where he could be found.
Some journalists searched the Indian community in London
for him, but the person did not appear. Benjamin Creme subsequently
claimed that ‘‘materialistic forces, seen and unseen,
planetary and cosmic’’ had opposed the appearance, and a decision
was made to postpone the actual appearance. Afterward,
Creme was dismissed by many people and through the remainder
of the 1980s he redirected the program of the Share International
Foundation and made few public appearances. In the
1990s he again made announcements of the presence of
Maitreya and has even published photographs of his appearances
to different groups around the world.
Creme has published a number of books about the reappearance
of the Christ. However, the identity of the Christ has
yet to be revealed, and there is still some doubt about the ultimate
direction that Creme and the group will take.
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