Crookall, Robert (1890–1981)
Geologist with the National Coal Board in London, England,
who was an early British authority on astral projection
or out-of-the-body travel. Crookall was born July 31, 1890, in
Lancaster, England, and was educated at both Westminster
College and Bristol University. He examined the evidence that
people can leave their physical bodies and reenter them after
traveling unseen in subtle bodies. In his many books he collated
hundreds of cases from various individuals and established the
characteristic features and implications of this strange phenomenon.
Crookall concluded that the accumulated evidence for outof-the-body
travel validated religious concepts of the soul and
an afterlife. He promoted his views in a number of books
through the 1960s and 1970s. The mass of data he collected is
impressive, but his objectivity has been questioned and he
tended not to consider alternative explanations of the astral
travel experience. Crookall died in January 1981.
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