Crystallization of the God Flame (Magazine)
Former monthly publication presenting the teachings of
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the leader of the Church Universal
and Triumphant.
Solid mineral objects having naturally formed plane faces.
Their orderly external appearance derives from the regularity
of their internal structure.
According to folk belief, crystals prevailed against unpleasant
dreams, dissolved enchantments, and served as a medium
for magical visions. Crystals bruised with honey were believed
to fill the breasts with milk. Before the manufacture of glass,
rock crystal was widely used for bowls, figurines, and drinking
vessels. Magicians in Australia and elsewhere used rock crystal
in rainmaking ceremonies. Rock crystal shaped into polished
balls was also the favorite material for crystal gazing. (See also
Crystal Skull.)
From ancient times crystal objects have been used as amulets
and talismans. In ancient Israel, 12 stones (one for each of
the 12 tribes) were placed on the breastplate of the high priest
(see Exodus 39). Later, 12 gemstones were identified with the
12 signs of the zodiac. These survive today as birthstones.
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