Cuddon, Eric (1905– )
British barrister, hypnotist, and writer who engaged in
parapsychological investigations. He was born January 18,
1905, in London, educated at Oxford University (B.A., 1927;
B.C.L., 1928; M.A., 1931), and became a barrister in 1928.
During World War II he was a squadron leader in the Royal Air
Force Volunteer Reserve (General Service and Defense medals).
He practiced hypnotherapy and was particularly interested
in telepathy and mediumship. He was a member of the
council of the International Institute for Psychical Research,
London, and took part in investigations of poltergeist phenomena
with Nandor Fodor.
Cuddon, Eric. Hypnosis its Meaning and Practice. N.p., 1938.