D’Abadie, Jeannette (ca. 1609)
Self-confessed 16-year-old witch from the village of Sibôurre,
in Gascony, France. According to Pierre De Lancre, she
once claimed to have been transported to sea by a demon,
where she saw other sorcerers raising storms to sink ships.
One day as she was sleeping a demon carried her off to the
devil’s sabbath, where she awoke to find herself in the midst of
a large company. She saw that the principal demon had two
faces, like the Roman god Janus. She did not participate in the
revelry, and was transported home. On the threshold she found
her amulet, which the demon had removed from her bosom
before taking her away. She confessed all that had happened,
renounced her practice of witchcraft, and saved herself from
the common fate of witches and sorcerers of her day