Dalton, Joseph Grinnell (1828–1898)
Boston astronomer and astrologer who became an important
figure in the development of astrology by developing and
publishing an accurate ephemeris and table of houses, the two
basic tabulations needed by astrologers to prepare a horoscope
chart. The ephemeris charts the position of the sun, moon, and
planets for each day of the year. The table of houses shows the
astrologer how to rotate the chart to accurately reflect the exact
minute of the client’s birth, thus representing the heavens on
the client’s birthday. Dalton’s table of houses, originally published
as The Spherical Basis of Astrology (1893), has continued to
be reprinted and used throughout the twentieth century under
the title Dalton’s Table of Houses. Dalton also published the first
ephemeris of the newly discovered planets Neptune and Uranus.
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