Das Gupta, Narenda Kumar (1910– )
University lecturer in India, at Visva-Bharati University,
Santiniketan, West Bengal, beginning in 1954, with a special
interest in parapsychology. He was born January 1, 1910, in
Barisal, Bengal, and was educated at the University of Calcutta.
In 1937 he married Gouri Sen Gupta. His research in parapsychology
centered on telepathy, psychokinesis, and parapsychology
in relation to yoga and religion, about which he published
a number of papers.
He served as the secretary of the Parapsychology Club, Santiniketan,
and was a member of the editorial board of the Indian
Journal of Parapsychology. He was a life member of the Indian
Psychological Association and contributed a number of articles
to its Journal. He also published a book on problems of tribal
education among the Santals. Das Gupta was a member of the
Indian Science Congress and the academic council of VisvaBharati
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