Davis, Courtney (1946– )
Artist Courtney Davis, a major voice in the contemporary revival
of Celtic Paganism, was born on October 31, 1946, in
Blackwood, South Wales. He grew up in London where he attended
Bransbury School for Boys. Much of the normal activity
pursued by males was denied to him due to chronic back problems,
and as a young man in the late 1960s he had to have
major surgery on his back. During the period of recovery he
had the first of a series of mystical experiences. He felt that his
departed grandmother was massaging his body bringing healing
powers to bear. He then had a vision of the wall of a hospital
ward opening to a brilliant light and otherworldly beings. A
group of monks surrounded him and appeared to carry out an
operation on his back. In the midst of their work, they lifted
him above his physical body as they probed his internal past.
Since that operation, though he was not completely healed,
he was able to develop his artistry and continue his career to
the present. During this time he has saturated himself in Celtic
lore and beginning in 1984, with his self-published volume,
Merlin the Immortal, has written andor illustrated a number of
books. Several of his books are entirely devoted to Celtic art
and design. Others, such as The Celtic Tarot (1990) and Pathway
through the Labyrinth (1988), focus more directly on esoteric
themes. He has also illustrated several volumes of Celtic Pagan
Davis’ art was widely displayed in Europe in the early 1990s
and he held his first American exhibit in 1995. He was the guest
of honor for the 1998 Celtic Festival in Tokyo. Most recently,
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Davis, Courtney
his art has been transferred to stained glass by American artist
Mark Duro. Davis has a webpage exhibiting his art at http
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