De Boni, Gastone (1908–1986)
Italian physician, author, and editor. He was born January
22, 1908, in Padua, Italy, and was educated at the University
of Padua (M.D. 1932). He inherited the substantial library of
psychical researcher Ernesto Bozzano (1862–1943), to which
he added some six thousand volumes. After World War II he
opened the library, which contains both his and Bozzano’s correspondence
and papers, for public research.
De Boni’s own literary contribution to Italian parapsychology
included editing translations of 40 volumes by psychical researchers
and parapsychologists. In 1941 he published the first
book on psychical research in Italy. He also edited Luce e
Ombra, an Italian journal of parapsychology, from 1947 until
his death 30 years later. His own books include Metapsychics
Science of the Soul (1947) and Man and the Conquest of the Soul
De Boni favored Spiritualism and imposed such a perspective
on Luce e Ombra. In spite of criticism from other parapsychologists,
he was able to remain a vital part of the parapsychological
community. He became president of Società Italiana
di Parapsicologia in 1955 and was an honorary associate of the
Society for Psychical Research, London. He died September
23, 1986, at Verona, Italy.
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