De Bonnevault, Maturin
Father of Pierre Bonnevault. De Bonnevault was accused of
sorcery when he was visited by experts who found on his right
shoulder a mark resembling a small rose, into which a long pin
was thrust. He displayed such signs of distress that the experts
judged that he must be a sorcerer. He confessed his betrothal
to Berthomée de la Bedouche, who with her father and mother
practiced sorcery, and related how he sought serpents and
toads for their sorceries.
De Bonnevault testified that the witch sabbat was held four
times yearly, at the feasts of Saint John the Baptist, Christmas,
Mardi Gras, and Páques. He confessed to having slain seven
persons by sorcery and avowed that he had been a sorcerer
since he was seven years of age. Like his son Pierre, he was put
to death