De Brath, Stanley (1854–1937)
British psychical researcher, author, and translator. De
Brath was born in October 1854. He was trained as a civil engineer
and spent 20 years in government service in India before
becoming headmaster of a preparatory school in England. In
1890 he attended a séance by Cecil Husk (later exposed as a
fraud) and thereafter became intensely interested in psychical
research and Spiritualism. His own contributions centered
upon his writing, editing, and translating work. His early books
include Psychic Philosophy (under the pseudonym ‘‘C. Desertis’’)
(1909), The Mysteries of Life (1915), and The Science of Peace
In 1918 he began spending time in Paris, collaborating with
the French researcher Gustave Geley at the Institut Métapsychique
International. During this period he was responsible
for the English translation of Geley’s From the Unconscious to the
Conscious (1920), as well as Supernormal Faculties in Man (1923),
by Eugèn Osty, and Thirty Years of Psychical Research (1923) by
Charles Richet.
In 1924 he assumed editorship of the journal Psychic Science,
published by the British College of Psychic Science, London.
De Brath’s books include Psychical Research, Science and Religion
(1925), Religion of the Spirit (1927), and The Drama of Europe
(1930). He died December 20, 1937, at Kew, London.
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