De Cressac Bachelerie, Bertrande
(1899– )
French engineer and author who lectured extensively on
parapsychology in France, Belgium, Morocco, Algeria, and
Italy. De Cressac Bachelerie was born January 2, 1899, at Limoges
(Haute-Vienne). He received his B.S. degree in 1916
and an engineering degree in 1922 from l’Ecole Centrale des
Arts et Manufactures, Paris. He wrote a number of books and
many articles on parapsychology for French, Italian, and Belgian
De Cressac Bachelerie, Bertrande. Démonstrations experimentales
de la télépathie (Experimental demonstrations of telepathy).
N.p., 1946.
———. Etudes sur la télépathie des sensations (Studies on the telepathy
423’;of sensations). N.p., 1954.
———. Etudes sur la voyance (Studies in clairvoyance). N.p.,
———. La Métapsychique devant la science (Parapsychology in
relation to science). N.p., 1948.
———. Le Miracle, illusion ou réalite (The miracle, illusion or
reality). N.p., 1961.
———. Mise en évidence de l’effet psychocinétique (Revelation of
the psychokinetic effect). N.p., 1960.
De Cressac Bachelerie, Bertrande, and Marige George Chevalier.
La Métapsychique—probleme crucial (Parapsychology a
crucial problem). N.p., 1960.