De Marigny, Enguerrand (d. 1315)
A minister of Louis X, king of France. De Marigny entered
the stream of occult history after having been arrested and imprisoned.
Soon after his arrest his wife and her sister were accused
of using various enchantments to harm the king, his
brother Charles, and other barons. Their ultimate intention
was to free de Marigny. The ladies were arrested and along with
them Jacques Dulot, a magician, who was believed to have
helped in these sorceries. Dulot committed suicide in prison,
after his wife was burned.
Dulot’s death convinced many that de Marigny was guilty,
and the ex-minister was tried and condemned. On April 30,
1315, he was hanged on a gibbet that he had erected during his
term of office. The tide of popular opinion turned at the sight
of his misfortune, however, and the judges refused to condemn
his wife and sister-in-law. The king himself repented of having
abandoned de Marigny to his enemies and in his will left a sum
of money to his family