De Wohl, Louis (1903–1961)
German-born astrologer who escaped to Britain from the
Nazis and played a prominent part in the British psychological
warfare campaign. Born January 24, 1903, in Berlin, as Ludwig
von Wohl, he was a novelist, journalist, and film scriptwriter
shortly before Hitler came to power. He learned astrology from
Baron Harald Keun von Hoogerwoerd and became a professional
astrologer. In 1937, he wrote I Follow My Stars. In his
book The Stars of War and Peace (1952), de Wohl states that in
1935 he was invited to advise members of the Nazi party on astrological
matters. He escaped to Britain as a refugee in the
same year, where he practiced as an astrologer and wrote books
on the subject.
Because of his inside knowledge of the German astrological
scene and Hitler’s astrologer Karl Ernest Krafft, he was recruited
by British intelligence and served with the rank of captain,
taking part in psychological warfare projects that used astrology
to further the Allied cause. One of the special projects
on which de Wohl worked was a fake edition of the prophecies
of Nostradamus, used to spread subversive rumors in Germany.
He died in Lucerne, Switzerland, June 2, 1961.
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