Deleuze, Jean Philippe François
French naturalist and adept in animal magnetism or mesmerism.
He was born at Sisteron, Lower Alps, in March 1753.
He became an early advocate of magnetism, which he believed
to be a function of the rapport between patient and magnetizer.
He also came to believe in the ability of clairvoyants to diagnose
Deleuze, Jean P. F. Défense du Magnétisme. N.p., 1819.
———. Histoire Critique du Magnétisme. N.p., 1813–19.
———. Instruction Pratique sur le Magnétisme Animale. 1819.
Translated as Practical Instruction in Animal Magnetism. New
York Samuel R. Wells, 1879.
———. Mémoire sur la Faculté de Prevision. N.p., 1836.

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