Desmond, Shaw (1877–1960)
Irish novelist and dramatist, born on January 19, 1877, who
studied psychic phenomena for 25 years. He was president of
the Survival League and once said that he believed it impossible
for anything to stop him from surviving. He was an eloquent
propagandist of Spiritualism and lectured around the
world. Three of his books, Passion, Gods, and Echo, have a psychic
background, while Tales of the Little Sisters of Saint Francis
is based on the author’s experience with fairies. Windjammer
The Book of the Horn is an account of a 7,000-mile journey, undertaken
partly to study black magic.
Desmond was born in county Waterford, Ireland, January
19, 1877, and was educated by Irish monks. At the age of 15 he
left school to go into business in London, but returned to Ireland
to farm. In 1909 he concentrated on literature and journalism.
He founded the short-lived International Institute for
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Desmond, Shaw
Psychical Research, and wrote more than 60 books, many of
which have psychic themes. He died December 23, 1960.
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