Devil’s Jaw
Name given to an area off the coast of California near Point
Arguello, supposed to be the scene of numerous mysterious disappearances
in the manner of the famous Bermuda Triangle
or Devil’s Sea. In 1923 seven U.S. Navy destroyers were lost
there within little more than five minutes. The name ‘‘Devil’s
Jaw’’ is a translation of the Spanish Mandibula del Diablo, derived
from the appearance of the jagged rocks north of the
Santa Barbara Channel. Although many vessels have been
wrecked off this treacherous coast over the years, there is no reliable
evidence that these disasters were due to anything more
mysterious than weather conditions, treacherous rocks, or
human error. Writer Richard Winer claimed that many wrecks
associated with the area took place on a Saturday.
Winer, Richard. From the Devil’s Triangle to the Devil’s Jaw.
New York Bantam Books, 1977.