Doane, Doris Chase (1913– )
Doris Chase Doane, one of America’s outstanding astrologers,
was born April 4, 1913, at Mansfield, Massachusetts. After
high school she left New England for California to attend the
University of California, Los Angeles, from which she received
her B.S. in psychology in 1944. She had previously become interested
in astrology and associated herself with Elbert Benjamine
and the Church of Light. She taught astrology while
going through the complete Church of Light curriculum,
which she completed the same year as her work at UCLA.
She emerged as one of the organization’s leading figures.
She began writing in astrology and the next year was ordained
by the church and married to one of the church’s ministers, Edward
Doane, who succeeded Benjamine as its head in 1951. Besides
her works in astrology, at a time when the selection of
even basic books was extremely limited, Doane gave a considerable
amount of time to changing laws that prevented astrologers
from operating in some states and cites by equating astrology
with fortunetelling. In that endeavor she became a strong
advocate for training, professionalism, and certification of astrologers.
In her mature years Chase has received many honors
from astrological organizations. She was elected president of
the American Federation of Astrologers in 1979.
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