Dowding, Lady Muriel (1908–1993)
Born in London on March 22, 1908, Muriel Albino became
a Spiritualist at age 15. She had a psychic gift, and during her
childhood in World War I she often saw a vision of ‘‘a tall soldier
in khaki,’’ whom she consulted about her problems and assumed
she would one day meet and marry. In 1935 she married
Max Whiting, who became a pilot during World War II and
died when his plane was shot down.
Meanwhile Lord Hugh C. T. Dowding, who was convinced
of the reality of human survival after death, received remarkable
evidence of survival through the mediumship of Estelle
Roberts. When Muriel Whiting became aware of Dowding’s interest
in Spiritualism she wrote to him, and as a result Dowding
invited her to lunch. When they met she recognized him as
the soldier of her childhood visions, and although he was 26
years older than she was, they were married in 1951.
Lady Dowding became a strong supporter of animal welfare
and in 1959 launched a campaign called ‘‘Beauty Without Cruelty,’’
dedicated to persuading women to renounce cosmetics
produced from mistreated animals and to stop wearing animal
furs. She published a magazine, Compassion, and opened a shop
in Baywater, London, specializing in cosmetics obtained without
mistreating animals. In 1964 she started an animal sanctuary
at Nettlestead, Kent, and became president of the National
Anti-Vivisection Society.
Lord Dowding died in 1970 at age 87. During her last two
years, Lady Dowdling resided at a nursing home in Hove, Sussex.
She died in November 1993.
Dowding, Lady Muriel. Beauty—not the Beast. St. Helier, Jersey
Neville Spearman, 1980. Reprinted as The Psychic Life of
Muriel, The Lady Dowding An Autobiography. Wheaton, Ill.
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